USDA Scholars at Verde Elementary

2016 Scholarship Application Information for Distinguished USDA Scholars

Congratulations on being a USDA Scholar! The grant provides support for your future scientific development and potential career with the USDA as you pursue a bachelor’s degree in food/agricultural science or related major. The application for the USDA Scholars university scholarship is due April 29, 2016.  

Please submit responses to the 4 prompts listed below and two letters of recommendation to Dr. Krolikowski by 5pm on April 29, 2016   All documents should either be hard copies (delivered by regular mail or campus mail – Maritza Guerrero in the NSAS office can help) or in PDF format via email. Recommendations must be signed by recommenders and on professional letterhead.

We expect award decisions to be made and funds available for use to purchase books, tuition, room and board approximately 2 months after that. If you are chosen to receive funds, you are required to submit a written statement of academic progress to the Dr. Krolikowski at the end of each academic term.

Your responses will be evaluated by a panel of scientists, educators, and administrators, and judged by the criteria associated with the principles shared with you during the program orientation and participation in your mentor group. Your responses to the prompts should provide evidence that you have distinguished yourself during your time as a USDA Scholar.

Principle 1: LEADERSHIP

  • Service learning (science and agricultural research outreach and recruitment efforts on campus and in the community)
  • Leadership development
  • Mentoring and outreach to younger students


  • Educational plan as a science major at your 4-year institution
  • Completion of research that promotes food security in the U.S.


  • Recommendation from your internship supervisor (s)
  • Awareness of and plans for careers in USDA, biotechnology, research laboratories
  • Evidence of a career plan


  • Use of scientific and biotechnology lab skills gained in this program to your educational and career development
  • Communication about science to colleagues and community, especially public speaking

Respond to all 4 of these prompts, keeping in mind the principles above :

  1. How have you built upon your experiences as a USDA scholar to further develop as a scientist?
  1. Please describe ways you have actively shared your knowledge and excitement about science with others. Please include examples of many types of audience (eg. scientific colleagues, those who might follow in your footsteps, your community at large, etc.)
  1. Share one or more examples of ways you have demonstrated leadership as a developing scientist.
  1. How would this scholarship support help you succeed in your goals at your university?

Please submit two letters of reference that specifically address your professionalism, scientific excellence, and activities relevant to a potential career with the USDA.   Dr’s Sidharta and Krolikowski will not serve as recommenders for this process.

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