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USDA Scholars at Contra Costa College

What is the USDA Scholars Program?

This 3-year grant ($299,000) established the USDA Scholars as a prestigious support opportunity available to Contra Costa College’s (CCC) Center for Science Excellence (CSE) students. CSE students receive mentoring, stipends, workshops, professional seminars and internship supports to help them successfully transfer to 4-year institution as STEM majors.

What benefits do I receive in the program?

  • Laboratory training
  • Resume, transfer application, and mentoring support
  • Science leadership development
  • Membership in the Center for Science Excellence
  • Monthly stipend during the school year (~$300/month)
  • Internship funding during the summer (~$4500/8 weeks)
  • Eligible for scholarship (up to $12,000) after transfer

What research have past USDA scholars performed?

Past USDA scholars have spent summers working at USDA-WRRC , UC Berkeley PGEC, Amyris Biotechnology, CHORI, and UC Davis labs.  Find out more about their projects here:  USDA Scholars Research Page

What are other benefits of CSE?

Support for internships, scholarships, and transfer applications

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