Getting Started in the Program

Which starting point is right for you?

If you have some science background (math  and biology or chemistry experience), you may want to start with BioSc157 and BioSc159.  These courses are an excellent way to learn how the skills you already have apply to the Biotech industry, and to gain experience with the kinds of lab techniques and team interactions that will help get you a job with a Biotech company or Biology research lab.  Contact me at kkrolikowski@contracosta.edu for help with the pre-requisite requirements.   Spring 2016 (M, W 4:30-7:20)

If you are interested in biotechnology, but want to check it out while keeping other options open, BioSc172 and BioSc172L are good choices.  Together, these meet the IGETC Area V, CSU B3 life science with lab general education requirements, so you can explore without committing to a particular major.  These also provide excellent preparation for any science major, pre-nursing or other allied health pathway, and meet the pre-requisite requirements for BioSc134 and BioSc119.  They also help you earn better grades in more advanced math, chemistry, and other science courses!  Fall 2015 (M 1:10-2:30, W 1:10-3:30, and ONLINE)

BIOSC 172 leads to many careers
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If you are interested in science, but feel like you want to ‘ease into’ it, the Bridge to Biotechnology program is just for you!   Our program is modeled after successful programs throughout the country.  It is a cohort-based program that links BioSc172L (introductory biotechnology lab) with Math118 or Math 120 (algebra), Engl142B or Engl 1A (expository writing), and personal and professional development (Psych103A) courses.  The algebra, writing, and reading students do in those courses is directly linked (week-by-week) with what is going on in the biotechnology lab course.  Students who complete this program at other schools have better success in math and English skills courses and get better grades in chemistry and biology courses.

There is no wrong way to start!   Explore a career in Bioscience while  meeting pre-nursing, pre-technical, and pre-transfer requirements.

Many Pathway Options

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Contact me at kkrolikowski@contracosta.edu for help with the registration process.


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