Field trip to count oysters at Pt Pinole

BioSc110: Introduction to Biological Science

BioSc110 covers the principles and concepts of general biology through a study of the cell and its molecular nature, genetics, evolution, and a brief survey of the plant and animal kingdoms. We’ll learn about topics that range from the very small (basic chemistry, genetics, and cells) to the very large (ecosystem biology, natural selection, and a survey of the diversity of life on earth). There is something for everyone in this course — both in terms of topics and in learning styles.  Satisfies IGETC Area V, CSU B3.

One of my sections emphasizes the realtionship between biology topics and food.  The lab includes community-based work and a number of field trips.  (Fall 2017, Section 4206 Tu/Th)

The other section I teach emphasizes applications of biology in diagnostics, agriculture, and drug development. The lab includes hands-on use of biotechnology equipment.  This section is cross-listed with BIOSC172 and BIOSC172L. (Fall 2017, Section 5665 M/W).

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