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BioSc 157 / 159: Foundations in Biotechnology Lecture and Lab

BioSc157 and Biosc159  are linked lab and lecture courses.  BioSc 157 is the lecture portion, which gives students both knowledge and practical experience in valuable biotechnology workplace skills. Students learn to apply chemical, biochemical, molecular biology, bioinformatic and microbiological concepts to actual formulations used in Biotechnology labs. Concepts important for working in a regulated environment, laboratory calculation, and technical practice with precision measuring and analytical instruments, and reagents are covered. Good communication and effective teamwork skills are also emphasized.  BioSc 159 is the lab portion, and familiarizes students with commonly used assay methods and instrumentation, and to provide training in workplace skills such as instrumentation trouble-shooting, data analysis, and keeping a laboratory notebook according to Good Manufacturing Practices. Proficiency in laboratory and notebook record keeping (according to cGMP conventions), good laboratory practices, following SOP’s, QA/QC documentation, communication and teamwork is practiced.

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