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Getting Started on the Biotech Pathway!

An introductory biotechnology lab course with math, English, and a professional development course are all you need to earn your first certificate.  The Biotechnology Assistant Certificate designed to help students build a strong foundation for a career in biotechnology, health or other science field and earn a certificate as a Biotechnology Laboratory Assistant.

Our program is especially for pre-science, pre-nursing, pre-technical and pre-transfer students.

What do I do?  Sign up for one or more of the courses in the certificate, it’s that simple!

How do I start?  Register for the Fall 2016 Introduction to Biotechnology Lab course:

  • BIOSC172L-6510:  M (4:10-5:30 PM), W (5:10-6:30 PM)
  • Students doing amylase assay

    Program Questions: Contact Katie Krolikowski


    phone:  (510) 215-3990

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