Fall Biotechnology Opportunity: BIOSC188 and BIOSC888N

Welcome to CCC’s biotechnology program!

Soil Microbiome Fall 2021 flyer

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Here is some more information about BIOSC188 and BIOSC888N

Applied Research:  Apply technology to Urban Agriculture and inform the future of food!  Learn computer-based DNA analysis (bioinformatics), and hands-on lab skills for organism sampling and measuring.

BIOSC188-0195 (for credit) or BIOSC888N-0219 (free, no grade):  Work as part of the Core Lab Team in our Biotechnology Operations course.   Develop skills and bring a useful biotech product to our customer, Urban Tilth.    (Friday for 3 weeks 1:00PM-6:10 PM)  Runs October 1-December 10

For more information about the soil microbiome project, click here.

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