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Welcome to CCC’s in-depth biotechnology information page.  Please use the menu on the right to find specific information about our program.

Just getting started ?  Discover the biotechnology industry in our introductory course, which also prepares you for allied health courses.

BIOSC172-6507 + BIOSC172L-6510:  Introduction to Biotechnology (Mondays and Wednesdays 4:05-7:15PMStarts August 26

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SUMMER OPPORTUNITY!  Be part of the Soil Microbiome Research Project this Summer.  Enroll in our 2-week BIOSC188N course to participate.  We begin July 15.

BIOSC188N-XXX:  Core Lab Team (every day for 2 weeks 9:35AM-3:00PM)

For more information about the soil microbiome project, click here.


Contact Dr Krolikowski if you have questions:  (510) 215-3990,     Office:  Biology room B-4.

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Weighing Soil in Biosafety Cabinet


What are my career and education options in this program?

Biotechnology is a high-demand, high-growth, and high-wage field, especially in the Bay Area, where it’s a $8-10 billion dollar industry, with about 1500 companies, and expected to grow by about 13% over the next 10 years.  There are jobs available at all levels of education, with about 25% of jobs available for folks with community college coursework, and 37% of jobs for those with a bachelor’s degree.  After earning certificates or degrees in biotechnology salaries for california biotech workers more than doubled (to $30,000 for a certificate-holder, and to $48,000 for a degree-holder).  This is definitely a sector where you can find good employment!

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(510) 215-3990

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